Mar 30, 2011

Trees in Transit

Instead of complaining about the fact that I don't have enough time to make art I decided to start sketching on the bus. Tri-met don't pull over for an indefinite amount of time at the sight of each beautiful tree, so it is a challenging endeavor. The clockwork schedule does have its benefits: I get to work on time (Portland has SO many gorgeous trees no one would get anywhere if I were driving,) and I don't get caught up in trying to draw the whole tree or drawing realistically. I'd like to think I am studying the essence of tree shapes. And because I made my sketchbook out of tracing paper the layered sketches make irresistible photos!


Hunter said...

"essence of tree shapes"... What a great way to see the world!

Maybe there should be a special tree bus route.

Alexandra said...

Hmmm, maybe someday I will submit a proposal to Tri-met, they may be interested!

Patricia said...

The use of tracing paper is brilliant - it is the perfect metaphor for the experience: snippets captured over time layering into a full understanding of trees. Love it.

Hunter said...

lol @ Tri-met proposal.

"Attention passengers, we'll be waiting here for a few minutes by this oak tree. Feel free to step outside and sketch or ponder the tree."