Apr 29, 2015

Apr 27, 2015

Choreography at Corrine Woodman

Choreography is up at the Corrine Woodman Gallery in The Arts Center. It looks great, I had a lot of fun making replacement parts (I recycled some of the original pieces one year when I was cleaning out my closet) and I had fun installing it today. Thanks Hester Coucke for the expert help!

You can see it Tuesday through Saturday form noon to 5pm through the end of May at The Arts Center, 700 SW Madison Ave,Corvallis, OR 97333. There will also be an artist conversation on May 7th at noon, hope to see you there!

There I am trying to blend in...

Apr 23, 2015

Apr 18, 2015


Here is a very delightful article about Mythic Voices in the Corvallis Gazette Times. The show is up through the 30th of this month.
Photo by Andy Cripe.

Apr 15, 2015


My first art demo went really well. I had a great crowd and received some encouraging feedback. It was really fun to share something I love with other creative people. I am looking forward to the hands on class this Sunday and will be looking for new opportunities to teach.

These are photos or the book I made during the demo. I had a very funny moment when I first started to paint. I was completely in instruction mode and I could not access the part of my brain that paints. It felt like showing up at a canvas and putting the brush down to make your first stroke and realizing you are holding a stick with no bristles. It was totally disorienting. I just pretended to paint like normal and the audience was super understanding but it felt really weird.

There is still room in the class this Sunday!

Apr 13, 2015

Apr 11, 2015

Soft Cover Book Binding

Tomorrow I am doing a free demo at Studio 262 on how to make a soft cover artist book. I am posting some notes and diagrams about the binding process here so participants will have a reference without having to print out and keep track of a bunch of paper. They aren't thorough enough to follow on their own unless you happen to be a seasoned book binder. I also have a video that demonstrates the writing, editing and illustration process. Its long and the music is pretty terrible but you might enjoy it

I adapted this from Timothy Ely's Drum Leaf Binding. Ely makes very elegant, finely crafted books. Especially if you are a science fan you will want to visit this pinterest, his web-site is a bit sparse. I was fortunate enough to take a weekend workshop from him and enjoyed it thoroughly.
When it was over I had to admit to myself that I wasn't really dedicated enough to the craft of book arts to master the binding. It took some reckoning because I thought was all about handicraft over mass production but creatively I just wanted to illustrate books print them digitally. Still, making books by hand is magical so I came up with a paperback version that fit my need for instant gratification. I decided to teach it in conjunction with Mythic Voices because it is simple yet bookish enough to inspire new people to try book arts.

oops, I need to remake the above diagram. I forgot I trimmed the paper down a bit. Arches cover is actually 22'' by 30'' so the pages will be 7.5'' high.

I need to re draw this last page: adhesive should go on the outside pages of the book block an not the cover, still leaving free space next to the spine.

First Attempts at Vector Drawing

Here are my first attempts at vector drawing. I did these on Inkscape. I find drawing on the computer amazing and tiresome all at the same time.
 Of course I drew a crow first thing. I want to get a digitizer so I can draw more normally.

Apr 2, 2015


My show with Rachel Urista is up at Studio 262,

Jennifer did an amazing job of hanging the work, it looks amazing. Hope you can stop by and check it out! 

Apr 1, 2015