May 31, 2015


Chances are good that you have enough stuff, possibly too much stuff. But if you happen to be in the market for, say...a pillow, mug, phone case or tote bag you can now purchase those with your favorite Alexandra art piece on them.

Woodland landscape and poem paintings merch is available through

Illustration and abstract paintings are available as stuff at Society6.

Of course you can also buy prints at these sites too.

May 19, 2015

In Process

I am working on a remix of this treescape from Owen's Open Space. I like it but I don't feel like it's done yet.

I am starting a new series that will be named something profound like Remnants. I am taking various experiments I made and finishing them as pieces. It's a way to express the inadequacies of language. I love working with poems and text in my art but sometimes when I spend a lot of time wrapped up in a piece the writing loses importance and meaning so I want to explore that part of the process too.

And here is an under painting for my next poem painting.

Meditations in Blue and Purple

I decided to start making my painting meditations on handmade paper so I can mount them on panels and frame them. I love the texture of the handmade paper.

May 11, 2015

May 6, 2015