Feb 13, 2009


Once again I feel like my art project is having its way with me. I don't mind a bit. I start with long pieces of tracing paper then cut them into strips.

Then I hang the strips from tree branches

which are of course hung from the ceiling. Right now it looks a bit like a car wash but I think as it expands it will be less so.

Mostly I want people to walk through it and feel that they are in the ocean. But I'm not trying to convey a literal experience of the ocean as much as a poetic one. It's hard for me to say because I don't feel in charge. It is more like a science experiment where I am learning from the results rather than determining them.
Hanging out at the inlet everyday has taught me a few things about accepting my own artistic nature. I feel very comfortable now with my whimsical style and the fact that I really just want to work with text, color, and pattern. I used to feel that whimsy wasn't legit; that I was just avoiding the discipline of drawing. It feels like my work is only getting stronger now and I am pretty excited about it.