Sep 10, 2015

Recycling Art

I have a closet full of art experiments and paintings that aren't destined to be finished.
I would like to cull most of it out to keep things simple but I have trouble throwing things out that have such delightful colors  and patterns. The other day I decided to make some of them into portfolios. It was fun to be crafty and the folios are really useful for storing collections of sketches. I have one near my desk that is full of tree sketches I use for reference, another that is full of all the little handmade design bits I use for blogs and such.

If you have old art experiments I highly recommend trying this out!

Attempting Allegory

I love allegorical paintings so I thought it was time I started sketching some ideas for my own.
I have to admit I felt like I was being pretty gimmicky and contrived so I think I will put the allegories on hold for a while.

Sep 8, 2015

Sep 4, 2015

The Search

Outside, after weeks of thinking about resumes 
and salaries 
and typing speeds 
and ironed slacks
Of thinking about little else,
I walk outside and my body feels 
as light and sparkly as the bleached grass 
between the barn and the old plum trees. 
There is rain on the stalks, still in their uneven clumps 
and the plums, over-ripe, are the deepest, dustiest purple. 

The neglected water sprouts bow to the ground 
with heavy, uninterrupted rows 
of fruit nestled tightly in the cover of leaves. 
These trees are old, unpruned, 
and still they make more food than we can eat.
I feel so earnest, 
plucking sustenance from their craggy branches 
under the cover of clouds. 
They do not even ask for my resume.