Mar 24, 2011


Some pieces are hard for me to paint over because I like them just fine after the first painting. A few I have kept as they are but some I paint over anyway and then I get to try to make it interesting again. So far this is one that I think has worked the best...not that I'm done with it.

Since I don't have the internet at home right now, I've been making all my posts at once and scheduling them out. It makes me feel like a robot, but also, it feels that my blog has a life of its own, which I like. I also spend a lot less time puttering around with things I don't need to since I have such precious little time to get things done.


Dale said...

I love this one. Like so many of your pieces, you have to biggen it here to get any sense of its depth & subtleties!

Uma said...

Moon Rain - Oh how beautiful. I have gone through most of your posts Alexandra and have been through the layers of your paintings. Every layer breathes a life of its own.This one has a character of its own now. Let's see where you take it next:)