Apr 29, 2013

Another Illustration Test Run

The words are a bit hard to read on the screen, but they should be just right in an 8'' square book. This is two pages. I can hardly wait to finish this!

Apr 25, 2013


 For a while I was doing watercolor meditations every morning. I would like to keep at it, I just got a little disorganized. These are my favorites.

Apr 19, 2013


I'm working on an illustrated poem that stars crickets. I wanted to see if they still looked like crickets when the page was shrunk...chirp chirp.

Playing with Type

Because I love letterforms, here are pictures of a project where I am combining Garamond with Perpetua and Georgia. So much fun

Apr 11, 2013

New Leaves

The new leaves take over the forest.
The birds as as loud as ever. They never wonder what they are worth. A heart is a heart is a heart.

Apr 4, 2013

How Frogs Sing

Outside frogs sing like stars. Inside stars sing like frogs and the hawk waiting until dusk.

I am almost done with this painting. I still have to add the last half of the of the poem...and some stars, of course. The closer I get to finishing the slower my progress because I get nervous about wrecking things. I thought it would be fun to take a break and share what I've finished so far.

Apr 2, 2013

Treescape 14

There are so many interesting things going on behind these trees and on the surface of these trees I am a little overwhelmed. I feel like I need to go start some new paintings and come back to this later. Below is the plein air shot and the under-painting. I also changed treescape 13 a bit. i like it much better now so it is below as well.