Jan 25, 2008

Songs That Disappear in the Light.

The quarter is keeping me very busy but I'm just about done with my first application and I only have a couple more slides to take. I am starting a new series of paintings based on a poem. I am frustrated with my tendency to be too realistic. Not that I'm a very technically accurate painter but just that my subject matter is whimsical so why am I trying to get things even somewhat correct.
This painting is from last quarter with the same theme as the intaglio I did earlier. Originally there was to be a figure in the painting but it looked corny and I thought the painting had a sense of mysteriousness that might be better expressed if the viewer was there in the landscape instead of a character. I'm not sure, I might revise it a bit.

Jan 8, 2008

If I Had To

It is a relief to be back in school. I had grand plans for the break but time evaporated like rain from a pair of fancy hiking pants. I was quite upset about it for a while. I figured that if I was really an artist I would find time to make my art no matter what holidays, errands, social activities and other responsibilities came my way. I relaxed when I realized that one does not have to be a real artist to paint, to enjoy painting and maybe even to make good paintings. I relaxed further yesterday when classes resumed and my motivation returned stronger than it had been before break. Perhaps being a real human is not only more important than being a real artist but feeds the artistic inclination. I say that like its a mere possibility but I know that for me it is absolutely true.
I took photos of my paintings again last night and I feel I am getting the hang of it. More importantly I actually enjoyed doing it which furthers my sense of reassurance that I am not totally ingenuine in my pursuits because I have very little will for the unnecessary.
The above painting was my first oil painting from this summer. I wanted to work with text and have it be in the painting instead of float on top. I don't think I was entirely successful but it does have a spontaneous energy I would like to cultivate. The text reads, "If I had to live this whole, troublesome life over I wouldn't mind and I wouldn't try to change anything. But I would love all of it next time, even the most awful moment."