Aug 13, 2016

It has been 9 months since I  wrote a blog post. I am totally OK with that. It is challenging to keep an art practice going with a full-time job. I think  I am doing a decent job of it so I am willing to let the blog fall by the wayside. Also, as much as I love the idea of blogging I would really rather blog about something else than my art practice.

I'm in the process of consolidating my efforts. Being involved with a lot of different media and projects is a best-thing/worst-thing scenario. For now I want to learn how to create a more consistent and developed body of work. It seems just as important a skill to master as the ability to let go and explore. It is challenging, deciding which things to focus on. There is, I've learned, a very quiet longing in me that makes the choice easy, but listening to that over all the attachments and investments is hard.

Part of my process has been to hang up old experiments in my studio and contemplate them. It is fun to see old work and notice which pieces I love. Mostly I like having them around to remind me of my history.

The result is that I am going to focus on illustration. I'll be finishing my Treescape series in liquid acrylics working toward a more illustrative rendering style and will continue with my poem books and other illustrations that incorporate text.

 I am currently working on lettering for Choreography:

Also, I have some new pieces up at Studio 262, check it out!