Mar 28, 2011

"Love is" and Other Accidents

I can't make myself paint over the piece above. It is not one of the strongest layered-gesso pieces, but I love the shape of the back paper I glued on it. The text underneath was a speculation that love is as ocean to fish, but between people it is an unclassifiable, unpredictable organism that simply can't be defined. I wrote it in response to one of Dale's posts. Moon, Rain, Diligence is still one of my favorites and I still have a couple more layers for it. One Lone Crow bit the dust and I'm not sure if it can be resurrected other than to totally obliterate it like The Darkness of Each Night. We'll see what happens.


Hunter said...

I really like the masking of the black over the white on the "love is..." painting. Very cool. As if we are peering through the layer to see the words...a glimpse of something that we aren't supposed to see (or know).

Alexandra said...

I like that description, I think we aren't suppossed to know the definition of love entirely, so even though it wasn't intentional, it fits the content of the piece to hide the words. Thanks!