Jul 18, 2008

Explaining Evergreen

Here are the next two layers of the text painting I am working on. I also started my website, I have a lot of work to do on it but it is out there in the electronic world none-the-less. I will put a link to it in the margin for your convenience.
So I never really discussed my final school decision. It turns out I am going to Evergreen. I was not considering it until one day I realized that I didn't want to spend another three years getting my bachelors.
I had thought that if I were a truly dedicated artist I would be glad to spend three more years studying art. Then I realized that because I am truly dedicated artist I want to stop incurring debt, get into the studio, make some art, and get out into the world.
Since I attended Evergreen for two years after I graduated from high school I can finish my degree there in a year. Part of the reason I hadn't considered it before was because their art department didn't seem to have a reputation around here. No one knew any artists from there or had heard anything about it. I looked up the faculty, though, and checked out the facilities; I think it will be a great program! One thing Evergreen is known for is teaching students how to work independently and be self-directed. Those are skills I know I will need so I am very excited about the coming year.

Jul 11, 2008

Tapping the Wisdom of My Inner Boss

So, when I returned from my family reunion I was strangely despondent. The reunion was fun and no obligations lay before me for some eight weeks besides working at the cafe on the weekends (oh, and moving to Olympia but that's a whole 'nother post). It didn't make any sense to be anything other than ecstatic but I am used to not making any sense and have developed expert excavation skills to get into these sorts of surprises.
So I stared expertly at the ceiling and contemplated the exact nature of this despondency. I realized that I was overwhelmed with all my free time
I did what any good Capricorn would
do and made up some rules. This morning I woke up perky knowing I had rules to follow and obligations to fulfill. I went to work and found, with delight, that the overwhelming pressure was gone. It was no longer important how much I achieved because I knew that with the time set aside I couldn't not get things done. Now, I know what you're thinking! You're thinking that I should be an accountant instead of an artist. But the whole crazy rebellious artist thing is just a myth that only came about after Van Gogh. Personally I find when my outer world is fairly structured and simple I have more inner room to be creative. These photos are of phase one and two of an under-painting for an all text piece I'm going to do. This first layer is just paint over gesso, the letters are scratched through while the paint is still wet. The second one is lettering in ink that has been mostly washed away.

Jul 4, 2008

Like Knowledge

I think I am making some progress with this crow painting but there are many decisions left to make. I want to start some more paintings but the summer keeps having its way with me. I really shouldn't complain. Camping and working extra barista shifts can only help my art in the long run. I've opted out of the normal holiday activities on the grounds that I need a day to be myself before I go back to work and then head off to my family reunion and I think I may just start a site on Etsy. We'll see what happens.