Jun 19, 2008

The Secret Uniqueness of Birds

This print is from last year, No One Here... Last Christmas I gave one to my parents and when I went to visit on Father's day they had it framed on the wall. I am always surprised and delighted to see my work framed in someone else's environment. It helps me see it with fresh eyes and in this case I really liked the print all over again. The text behind the birds says, No one here cares that their songs aren't on MTV or different than anyone elses'. It was a line from a poem I wrote when I was struggling with the fact that it is very difficult to express something that hasn't already been stated far more eloquently by someone else. We really value uniqueness and originality which seems to encourage us to be ingenuine, being outlandish for the sake of doing something new. I decided to take my cues from the birds in the birch tree outside my window and stopped trying to be so damn unique. Oddly, I think I may actually be more unique now that I am not worried about it.

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