Jun 20, 2008

The Fall

I made this print outside of class when I wanted to work in a stream of conscious sort of fashion. Printmaking is an odd but not impossible medium for making stream of conscious work. It has so many steps, it would be sort of like stream of conscious sewing. So I saw this picture in my head and tried to draw it without thinking about it or be too accurate. This might seem natural, what artist doesn't see pictures in their head? I don't so much. Mostly when I make art I have a concept of what I want to express and a general subject and composition to begin from. I have little idea what it is going to look like until I make it. If I do develop an idea it is assured that the art will not end up looking anything like it. So, anyways I tried to sketch out what I saw in my head this once. It didn't translate so I just fiddled around with it until it seemed like a workable composition and then transfered it to my plate then began the long etching process. It wasn't until I was nearly done that I thought about what it might mean. What it means is that the society I grew up in encourages people to abandon their genuine selves to be stoic and that the world suffers for this but there is hope for the future since there is a counter culture that works to help people be real again.

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