Jun 21, 2008

Life Painting

Life painting is a somewhat grueling experience for a whimsical artist like me, you have to pay so much attention to what you're seeing! Trying to get correct proportions is like a zen koan. I notice the arm is to short but if I make it longer it is not in the right place in relation to the knee so I have to figure out if the leg is too short or if it angles out more but then it is in the wrong place in relation to the side of the head. Eventually I just go ahead with the painting anyways but I find it hard to be at all loose and creative with the human form. I do really enjoy inventing scenes for the models. This one of Kate with a basket ball is my favorite. I especially like the bra hanging out of the drawer next to her because there is no way it could fit her. I was just painting what I know.

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