Jun 17, 2008

Other Crows

I have been a bit remiss with this blog but I have wonderful excuses. Going to school Monday through Friday then working Saturday and Sunday would be my best scape goat. I won't make any excuses for my art though, I've been working diligently, participated in three shows, won a couple awards and sold some paintings. This painting of a crow is the last, so far, from my Science of Sleep series. I started another but have been too busy with school to finish it. Other Crows was juried into the student show along with Unassuming Velvet which received an honorable mention. I enjoyed the recognition but am glad it didn't come any sooner. I am grounded in my art as something I love to do for its own sake now and don't get discouraged by the fact that not everyone likes it. Working for recognition is an unbearable roller-coaster!

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