May 2, 2013

This Week's Meditations

I highly recommend painting as meditation. We have so few venues in our lives where we can play and be spontaneous. Sometimes I just let my hand paint whatever it paints. Other times I follow whatever verbal or visual cues pop into my head. I find it is easier to be spontaneous if I have a large pad of inexpensive watercolor paper, it encourages me to play without worrying about wasting. My favorite paint for this exercise is Prang watercolor pan paints, like the kind most kids have but better quality. Even if you don't want to invest in paint you could do this with just ink and water or strong tea. There are infinite possibilities. One could even do meditations with a number two pencil on paper from the recycle. If you do a visual meditation and feel like sharing I would love to see your pieces. Just email them to alexandra.schaefers at with Art Meditation in the subject line. I won't share or save them unless you give me permission.

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