May 10, 2013

Riverside Maples: Trescape 15

I feel like I made a little progress with this piece in learning how to suggest leaves. I still struggle with painting the leaves that are in the foreground. I just generally do not like painting details but it is one of the best ways to establish that something is closer to the viewer. I really like the painting as its own thing, I just want to develop more skills so I can do more.

It was a really lovely warm day at the park to be out painting, I hope I get more tree paintings done this summer...I started this project 6 months ago and this is number 15. I guess I was imagining that I would be doing several a week when I began, but that's no reason to feel discouraged. Just today I was riding my bike home from the park and when I found myself at a red light with no cars to help me switch the signal. I asked an approaching pedestrian if he would hit the walk signal, explaining light-heartedly that I was too lazy to get off my bike. "Too lazy to get off your bike? he said, what are you talking about, you got ON your bike!" Point taken!

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