May 14, 2013

Cover Design Quandry and the Unpracticed Calligrapher

I photographed these this morning to figure out which one I liked the best. I think neither. I still have this challenge that when I grab an edged writing tool my body wants to do the calligraphy I trained it to do years ago while my mind wants to do something more organic and what I end up with is just poor, unpracticed calligraphy, in this case, bookhand. I like the lettering on blue but not so much with the orange. I'm not sure what blocks me from making my lettering really work in my books. I feel like I know how to do it but somehow can't get quite to it. Of course I believe that what is really important is how I approach this and right now I'm being uptight, judgmental and perfectionist, that won't go anywhere nice. When I figure out how to approach this compassionately, I'll let you know.

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