Nov 20, 2012

Soft News Report for the Week of November Thirteenth

Text in paintings (roughly):
Tuesday Morning, NW 20th Ave and Lovejoy.
One crow sits alone and completely quiet in the top of a birch tree. He preens.

Tuesday afternoon, Wallace Park.
A boy looses most of his banana while running to catch the bus. He has not taken one bite of the banana, clutched upright in his hand, as if that first bite is simply on pause. The exposed fruit breaks unnoticed and leaps onto the sidewalk just under a little girl's gait. Miraculously, she passes over the banana without incident. The boy looks down at his banana mid stride, looks behind him, registers the facts and runs onward. Unfortunately, a well-meaning mother picks up the fallen banana and calls to the boy. He hesitates, halts, does as he was taught and the banana ends up in the trash.

Wednesday morning, Wildwood trail, Hoyt Arboetum.
Two birds fall out of a tree together. The tree was a cacophony of little song birds, something crashed through the leaves...two birds, intimately twined fell through the branches flapping their wings just enough to drift down slowly and land gently on the ground. The bounced apart from each other then, but immediately got back to whatever it was they were doing. I assumed it was spring and when I realized it was Autumn I realized a great truth about birds that fluttered in my cheeks like the glowing leaves around me.

Thursday afternoon, the west end of Lovejoy street.
The leaves are all in their places on the ground lounging in their pungent memories of summer. A jay sings in the top of the maple.

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