Nov 13, 2012

Phone Photo 2, aka Human Habitat Microscape

I have to admit, I have a secret mission with these phone photos. I feel like a mouse attempting to scale Big Pink or some other monstrous skyscraper, but what better place to attempt grand feats than on Blogger?
My mission is to encourage people to see their lives through the eyes of an artist or photographer so that they might have the freedom to enjoy their current existence as it is without feeling the need to improve things. I'm not at all against improvement but there are plenty of images out there showing us the way to improvement and inciting us to feel inadequate with our current situation. My secret mission is no new notion, but I have no idea what sort of images I personally can make that will inspire people to see the beauty of their own lives. Also, I want to be for a positive current instead of against a negative one and I have no training in such things. Hopefully I will learn as I go, here's a picture of a cupboard in my kitchen.

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