Aug 23, 2008

In and Out of Boxes

 Here I am settling in to Olympia. I miss Portland, of course but so far its nice here. I managed to get some painting done while I was packing and tying up loose ends. Now my priority is finding work but I ought to be able to paint some this weekend. Most cafes frown upon applicants who show up in the middle of a busy brunch asking for work as if they have no knowledge of the madness that ensues
in a restaurant on the weekends. Last night I hung most of my paintings, mainly to get them out of the way. I am seriously considering that I may need to paint smaller. Most of my pieces are 3' x 2" of 3' x 4'. I love to paint big but It may be a while before I can properly store or sell as much work as I seem to be making.
I have no idea where this text piece is going so I started a new one.

The new piece is very structured in an uptight sort of way which was very grounding and helpful while my life dissolved into chaos and unknowns. I'm imagining, though that it won't be very interesting if I don't get more playful with it. I like some of the changes that are happening in the IMPORTANT piece but I feel really uncomfortable with making narrative art right now. I have always had a tension in me between wanting to be very illustrative and wanting to be a "real" artist who works outside the intellectual realm. I have a strong suspicion that as I stop trying to figure it out I will find myself in a very pleasing niche between the two or combining the two.

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