Aug 27, 2008

Following Soft Spots.

So, here I am in Olympia, looking for work and painting behind my couch in my faux-studio. I think I am beginning to understand what these pieces are about. They are about dominance. Not the sort of superiority complex humans engage in but the natural inclination for things growing in nature to grow as much as they can and the inevitable result that other
things will get lost under the canopy of strength and exuberance. I am trying to feel and experience how this would work with language and ideas. Certainly we have all had to make decisions that weren't clear at first. All the options floated around, one coming to the surface for a while than another coming to the fore-front as the best decision and others falling away completely. Eventually, whether we made a conscious decision or not, one path of action prevails and life carries us on down like a stream looking for soft spots in rock.

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