Jul 18, 2008

Explaining Evergreen

Here are the next two layers of the text painting I am working on. I also started my website, I have a lot of work to do on it but it is out there in the electronic world none-the-less. I will put a link to it in the margin for your convenience.
So I never really discussed my final school decision. It turns out I am going to Evergreen. I was not considering it until one day I realized that I didn't want to spend another three years getting my bachelors.
I had thought that if I were a truly dedicated artist I would be glad to spend three more years studying art. Then I realized that because I am truly dedicated artist I want to stop incurring debt, get into the studio, make some art, and get out into the world.
Since I attended Evergreen for two years after I graduated from high school I can finish my degree there in a year. Part of the reason I hadn't considered it before was because their art department didn't seem to have a reputation around here. No one knew any artists from there or had heard anything about it. I looked up the faculty, though, and checked out the facilities; I think it will be a great program! One thing Evergreen is known for is teaching students how to work independently and be self-directed. Those are skills I know I will need so I am very excited about the coming year.


Dale said...

Oh, my! My alma mater -- I didn't realize you'd been a Greener too! I wondered if that was where you were off to, though, when you mentioned Olympia.

I imagine Evergreen is still the same as it used to be: the trick is to find a really good teacher you really like and stick to them, whatever they're teaching :-)

Alexandra said...

Its always reassuring to run into another greener, especially one who is out in the world doing good things! I am pretty excited to return.