Apr 11, 2015

Soft Cover Book Binding

Tomorrow I am doing a free demo at Studio 262 on how to make a soft cover artist book. I am posting some notes and diagrams about the binding process here so participants will have a reference without having to print out and keep track of a bunch of paper. They aren't thorough enough to follow on their own unless you happen to be a seasoned book binder. I also have a video that demonstrates the writing, editing and illustration process. Its long and the music is pretty terrible but you might enjoy it

I adapted this from Timothy Ely's Drum Leaf Binding. Ely makes very elegant, finely crafted books. Especially if you are a science fan you will want to visit this pinterest, his web-site is a bit sparse. I was fortunate enough to take a weekend workshop from him and enjoyed it thoroughly.
When it was over I had to admit to myself that I wasn't really dedicated enough to the craft of book arts to master the binding. It took some reckoning because I thought was all about handicraft over mass production but creatively I just wanted to illustrate books print them digitally. Still, making books by hand is magical so I came up with a paperback version that fit my need for instant gratification. I decided to teach it in conjunction with Mythic Voices because it is simple yet bookish enough to inspire new people to try book arts.

oops, I need to remake the above diagram. I forgot I trimmed the paper down a bit. Arches cover is actually 22'' by 30'' so the pages will be 7.5'' high.

I need to re draw this last page: adhesive should go on the outside pages of the book block an not the cover, still leaving free space next to the spine.

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