Jan 31, 2015

Learning in Drafts

I fixed the text alignment for page one of Crows at Dusk. This time I did the text separate and used the magic of photo editing to combine them. It saves a lot of time. I need to color match along the gutter better but otherwise I like it. Now I am noticing that the cars along the street are the correct proportion for go carts, it's more noticeable in the next pages. I feel like I should redo that page but of course I don't want to. Even after experiencing the tremendous benefits of multiple drafts in page one, I am resistant (I did not even post my first draft of page one as it was awful.) Its obvious to me that each time I work to make an illustration better I learn how to illustrate better, but I still want the satisfaction of a finished project as soon as possible. Also it can be hard to find the midway point between improving something out of a healthy expectation and getting carried away by useless perfectionism. Does anyone else care that the cars are way to small for the woman on the street?

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