Jan 8, 2013

Five Trees

The second coat of gesso is drying on several pieces of plywood on my apartment floor and I finally feel ready to start a series. I love this painting above but the paper warped while I was making it so I am less motivated to keep working on it. It is not as abstract as I imagined when I started working from the sketch below but I like the implied realism. I used generalized memories of the place to fill in the background, which simplifies the landscape.
I've been photographing work lately, it is a bit of a headache since I am not a photographer and have no idea where my computer screen exists in the realm of color accuracy. I feel like I am flying a jet blindly and possibly wasting a lot of time when I could be painting.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, thank you for inspiration and beautiful color.

Alexandra said...

You're welcome! Thanks for the feedback :)