Dec 21, 2010

Before They've had Coffee.

A woman walking. 
The forest is dark.  
No one has thought the trees 
into existence yet, 
so the woman slips between 
their naked spirits.

Of course the first thing I do upon settling into my tiny apartment is begin a large painting, 30'' x 22''.  But I had several things going and it all works, and is so much fun. Who knew being organized would be so fun? It is distracting having my life and art take place in the same room. It is easy to get side-tracked by the claw foot tub. It is also easy to get sidetracked by the unfinished painting and let the noodles overcook.

This is another one of those paintings that makes me feel like I am finally beginning to make the work I want to make. For as often as I feel that way you'd think I'd be deep into this work, but it runs from me as I chase it. Always the task seems to be presence. If I am present with myself and the materials and let go of ideas, painting is satisfying. All of life seems to be that way and somehow I come up with more and more excuses to think and fret. Oh well. Here's the under painting:


Branáin said...

Great poem. As a writer, I appreciate the power of words to think things into existence (assuming all thoughts include words, of course, but like I said...I'm a writer).

Art and life are really the same thing, so having them in the same space makes sense. Although people get annoyed when I take mental notes of conversations for later stories (shhh).

So, keep chasing the art, but don't think too hard once you have it. It's like yoga: when you realize you have reached extreme focus, it's gone.

Dale said...

Dunno if you know Dick Jones? I don't even know why, besides both being winter scenes, but this resonated with his latest, for me.