Jul 21, 2009

Secret Parlor.

For many years I have had this interest in making art out of poetry. It used to be a gnawing desire that seemed a little absurd, possibly even unhealthy. I gave it up after many failures and a year of art school. I began incorporating text into art with little regard to its legibility. This still seemed absurd to me, as if things to be looked at and things to be read are intrinsically separate. Doesn’t the art distract from the text? Doesn’t the text distract from the art? Well, after making art out of text for a few years, doing research about other artists using text, and having several identity crises that my professors and classmates shored me up out of, I realize it’s a legitimate venture. More importantly, it doesn’t matter…I like it. So now that school is out of the way, I am back at it. It is rough! I deemed it impossible for a while…reading and looking are just too hard to combine. But then I came to my senses and decided it would be OK if all my attempts turned out awful, I should just make even more of them. Then things began to get interesting. I like the second and third page of this the best and I want to keep playing around with it to make the text more incorporated into the visual composition.

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Dale said...

I just think they're so wonderful!