Jul 6, 2009

Language and Wire

So, I was trying to figure out how to have text floating inside translucent fabric trees when I started making these wire sculptures. The words I chose to juxtapose the elements of nature with the elements of humanity. It's all the same to me: pajamas...lichen, wind...laughter.

None of them really looked that good inside the fabric but I was pretty enamored with them. These are a few close-ups of one that I played with in Irafanview, which is a free photo editing software. It isn't photoshop, that's for sure, but who can afford Photoshop upon graduating?

I think if I were a photographer I would make things just to photograph them...the close-ups are way more interesting than the sculptures themselves.
Anyway, I tore my achilles before I could figure out the tree sculptures and haven't gotten back to it.

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Dale said...

Wow! I love these photos.