Oct 30, 2007

The Virility of Paper

Today I started blending pulp for a new batch of paper. This will be an abaca, hemp, cotton blend with some recycled printmaking paper thrown in. My inspiration is a little seed from the bushes behind my apartments. There were many of them floating through the parking lot the other day, bundles of fluff sailing whimsically along. I picked one up off the banister and noticed that inside the fluff the seed was shaped just like a sperm with a long, windy tail. Normally I don't gravitate towards the crude but who could resist a beautiful, handcrafted piece of paper that happens to have giant sperm in it, each going their own merry little way! It's so understated, can you imagine sending a casual little note to a new boyfriend or girlfriend on such paper! I'll photograph it when it's finished. For now there is just buckets of blended pulp and buckets of fibers to be blended.

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