Oct 25, 2007

A Brief Exploration of Pastles.

These are pastel pieces I made in Rebecca Wild's workshop, "Letters, Lines and Luminosity." I wanted to learn how to incorporate the text of a poem into an illustration.

The above two pieces were practices using only one word. I actually like them better then my poem illustrations. The slides were not all that great and neither is the photo-editing program on my home computer, thus the pastel borders!

"A broken heart ain't nothin' more than a poem, another excuse to stand infront of the world to say, 'I love you! And it hurts when you don't love me back!'"

"So now my body belongs to the summer grass."
I took this workshop around the same time I made "The Geology of Being" books. It was very instrumental in motivating me to go back to school. Everyone in the class loved my work and encouraged me to consider going into illustration. I wasn't all that fond of these pieces but I so enjoyed making them! We used frisket paper as a mask that could be moved and layered with varying pastle color schemes. It was always a delight to see the way the colors would layer on top of eachother--changing, then peeling off the frisket. I was dazzled with the contasts between the original colors and the layered colors.

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