Feb 15, 2015

Coffee Shop Studies

When I was in school I sketched in coffee shops all the time because we had to fill so many pages a week in our sketchbooks to get credit for the class. It was something that I resented as much as I appreciated. It was obvious the quota was making me a better artist and observer. It was also really enjoyable when I stopped trying to make nice pictures. The hard part is letting go of wanting to make nice pictures. I do not really enjoy perspective and proportion that much, mostly because I am not that good at it and it makes my head hurt. Although, when I am making an illustration I suddenly don't hate it, the desire to tell a story makes it more a process of invention than a struggle.

I've been missing sketching lately. There are so many things I want to learn to draw, or things I know would come in handy in future illustrations. Pretty much anything I encounter in life would be a worthy subject. 

These are from Ford Food and Drink, not that anyone would recognize themselves in these loose studies. It felt good to challenge myself.

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