Mar 9, 2013

Treescape 9

This picture completely tickles me. I sent it to my brother on my phone to say "Hi, I'm out painting!" but I am smitten with the painting next to the subject. If it looks to you like I left out a tree, well...yes...I did omit a tree. When I first started painting trees I would have thought such a thing preposterous. As one who wants to celebrate nature and meditates on the perfection of things as they are, I would never have come up with the idea myself. Luckily, I took a workshop from an amazing painter, Phyllis Trowbridge, who casually mentioned she changes things to make a good painting. This was years ago but I remember her saying something about evaluating a painting in progress and deciding, that tree doesn't belong there. I was amazed. I have a long gestation period for hatching useful information into practice, but it is nice that it eventually comes to fruition.
Here's Trowbridge's site.

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