Dec 12, 2012

Framing Paintings

I've begun framing some of my last series, so far I just have the support frame and hanging wire attached. I still need to photograph them and put a protective frame around the outside. I am probably going to varnish them, too. I don't remember anyone talking about varnish in school but it seems like a reasonable thing to do.
Of course framing paintings makes them bulkier to store so I'm hanging them in the entryway. Its a little art-crowded at this point but soon they will be out in the world finding new homes. I am still considering what the best venue for my work is. So far the one thing I am sure about is that I would like to stop taking things so seriously and do what sounds fun.
I'm a little surprised when I look at the back of these paintings and realize that my last series was finished two years ago...where has time gone?!?! I feel ready to start a new series, it will be fun to see where all the experimentation takes me.
Yesterday I encountered the work of Helen Frankenthaler on-line. I was amazed by her work and puzzled that this was the first I was seeing of it. It was one of those moments of seeing art and feeling, that exists inside me. The odd part to me is that I have that experience with such diverse types of art it seems a little exasperating, I wish I were just drawn in one solid direction! Anyhow, if I could make landscapes inspired by Helen's color palettes and softness that would be just over-the-top wonderful. I'll have to make a trip to PSU soon to look at some collections of her work in print.

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