Jul 16, 2012

Light, Minerals

Acrylic and conte underpainting on handmade paper, 50'' x 33''.


Branáin said...

Cool. It reminds me of a geode, one of those hollow rocks that you see at the rock store in the mall. Or possibly an alien egg waiting to take over my mind. Either way, I like it.

Alexandra said...

For real, it's tree rings, Dude.
Hey, I went to see Braco the gazer the other day...it is totally your calling to be a gazer. You have the perfect demeanor for it and you are smart enough to make it believable. Five minutes of gazing once an hour 6 times a day and no talking...your perfect career!

Branáin said...

Tree rings/rocks...what's the difference?

Speaking of tree rings. A German man figured out how to "play" tree rings with a record player. Kind of cool: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/26/2012-01-26%2012:39:32_n_1234371.html

I also like the idea of Branáin the Gazer. I think I could handle that kind of workload, especially with the no talking bit.