Apr 9, 2011

City Trees on Waterleaf

Here I used my bus-tree-sketches to experiment with using water-leaf (unsized) paper from my handmade paper collection. It is difficult to paint on water-leaf, but when I paint over it with gesso or acrylic medium it doesn't smear much, the ink and paint has absorbed into the paper instead of drying on top.


Hunter said...

This is a great one. You can see the texture of the paper. I imagine it's more rich in person.

And the colors go so well together, subdued, but distinct.

I also like the alternation of the fonts (are they "fonts" when hand-written?).

Very nice.

Uma said...

This is beautiful.

Alexandra said...


I believe the most technically correct term for the writing in this instance would be "hands." "Scripts" would probably work, too. Now that type is often designed to imitate handwriting it seems workable to use "fonts."