Sep 19, 2010

Trees Before Rain

I can't seem to decide if I should make the hillside more yellow or not. Either way I like this painting. I decided to do a landscape without any text because I thought the words were distracting me from getting to know trees as much as I'd really like to. I have to admit when I first finished the painting I was a little appalled at how soft and beautiful it is, I thought I had totally lost my edge and would deteriorate into an artist painting things only to match people's couches. Well, that's just ridiculous. I have become a softer person, of course my paintings would follow suit. And there is no possibility that I will ever get a grasp on the latest trend in couch colors, so I think I'm safe.


Dale said...

:-) I don't think you're in danger.

I love the way you play with closure in this -- so many things almost, but not quite, evening up!

Alexandra said...

Thanks! If only I could do that on purpose :)