Apr 16, 2009

Negative Space

So, I am trying to fill the negative space between branches and trees with paper and text. It is a fairly ridiculous venture and nothing has quite worked out yet but I am really enjoying working outside instead of being a passive observer of nature.

These are just experiments, once I find a technique I really like I will do larger areas wither in one tree or a group of trees. Did I mention that I love working outside? I feel a little strange making work out where people are not necessarily expecting it, I feel like I am being intrusive and I feel weird putting art in trees. I don't think they need to be any more artistic than they already are but it is important to me to have the opportunity to talk about how beautiful they are to draw attention to how profoundly they affect us whether we know it or not.
As part of this project I have been working on a creative writing piece about a woman who was raised by trees.

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