Nov 24, 2008

Being Choreographed

Somehow I find myself working on an instalation. Sometimes this is exciting and sometimes it feels like I've gone off the deep end. Either way it is incredibly fun I just struggle with feeling like I am avoiding making legitimate art (oil paintings). I also realize that if I were to pursue installation as my main art form it would put me at the mercy of the Art World in a way that painting and printmaking do not. You can still sell work at galleries and art fairs, off the net if you make things people can take home with them. Installations live in museums as far as I know. I have totall faith that I will be able to find venues to share my work no matter what but I am definately in unkown waters.
Part of what is so exciting about his project is the feeling that the art has taken over. I have to let go of the things I wanted hang on the wall to allow the poem to sculpt itself out of ink, mylar, and tracing paper.

The more I let go the more I feel like the piece captures fog and solitude and the sense of layers we have in our experiences as physical, spiritual, emotional and thoughtful beings.

This was the original plan but when my teacher suggested lighter paper I saw an opportunity to create fog that I couldn't pass up.

The mylar isn't as trunslucent as I'd hoped so I am going to cut some of the spaces out to let the text show through. It is really exciting to work so big and to see my art become a space that people can be inside of.


Dale said...


Oh, that's so exciting!

Is this at Evergreen? Can I send my Olympia friends to see it?

Alexandra said...

Unfortunately there isn't enough room for me to have it up on campus except for critiques. However, it will be at a one day art show with the rest of my class this Friday(the 5th)! I would love it if you did invite your friends. It's at the Loft on Cherry (used to be K records) 525 Cherry St in downtown Olympia. The show is from 6-10 with free food and music at 8. Please encourage your friends to come say hi to me if they attend, I'll have a name tag and I'd love to meet real Olympians!

Lindsey Beal said...

I don't think you should think so negatively about working in installation. There is a valid reason for pursuing small objects and paintings, but I think to close yourself off from working in large-format 3-d form is really important. this is a really great leap for you and i want to encourage to keep it in mind for future projects. Installation is a legitimate art form is a way to make your idea larger or more interactive with the viewer. They may be more difficult to sell except to display in galleries or museums, but that's why you need to continue bookmaking and painting, for that outlet, but continue to push your work's boundaries by creating installations.