Sep 25, 2008

Ruining Paintings (on purpose) and Making Envelopes

The closer a painting gets to being finished the more uptight I tend to get about ruining it and the less I want to work on it. Really the best thing to do at that point is to ruin the painting so I can relax and get on with it. I can always paint over it so there's really nothing to lose.

I realize they may not look that different to the casual observer but once I get attached to a piece the slightest change seems monumental. I had hoped to finish these before school starts so I can begin new projects with a clean slate but I got very stymied with moving, looking for a new job and not having anyone around to bounce ideas off of. I am not too disappointed. I feel I've accomplished a lot for my first stint working solo.

This is definitely the most problematic piece. I feel somehow it should be easy since I don't want it to be representational as much as emotional. The hardest part, though, is trying not to be representational!

Despite my half-hearted attempt to sell my hand-made papers on Etsy I still dream of having a business that revolves around making paper. today I decided to make some envelopes out of my Favorite Papers collection. It was wonderful to be crafty! I just love the way colors interact and somehow its more magical when I am arranging colored pieces of paper then when I am plowing paint around a canvas.

These are the lids, yet to be constructed into envelopes. I love metal grommets even though they are purely cute and cute is totally antithetical to Art.


Dale said...

Hey, you're still here! Why hasn't your feed been telling me that?

To mangle Emma Goldman, if it can't be cute, I don't want art :-)

I mean, I guess the *point* of it can't be cuteness, but... why can't you sneak in a metal grommet or two?

I don't think nonrepresentational makes it easier... maybe you have to get that dichotomy out of your head, it might be more a distraction than a help.

Wonderful stuff. So are you in Olympia now? I'm all confused.

Alexandra said...

It's good to hear from you, Dale! I don't know why my feed isn't working, actually I don't really know what a feed is.
I am in Olympia, I'm sort of homesick though, so I will probably never change my blog info to say Oly (You can take the girl out of Portland but you can't take Portland out of the girl).
Thanks for the grommet, non/dichotomy support. I just generally need to relax!

Dale said...

Oh, a "feed" is just the URL something like Google Reader can check to see if there's a new post on a blog. (Yours, I see, is "" You just "subscribe" to it by telling Google Reader the blog, and it's usually smart enough to find the feed. And then when you check Google Reader, there's all the blogs with new posts! Which is cool. But if you think you've subscribed and you haven't (like me, just now) you never check the blog because there's nothing new there. You think.

Sorry you're feeling a little homesick! Hope it means you come back eventually, though :-)