Mar 21, 2008

Unassuming Velvet

I am now officially on spring break and I am beside myself with joy. My roommate moved out and I have been setting up an office/painting studio in her old room. It makes me feel professional but once school starts up again I will have little time to work in it so its hard to justify the extra rent. For now I will just enjoy it!
This is the second painting I did from the poem, "Science of Sleep; Epilogue." The painted words are the last stanza of the poem. They are not all legible but I was hoping that a few key words showing through might inspire someone to look for the text in its original form. The last stanza:
Outside the concrete buoyed my feet
and sunlight cast me into atoms
across the green-canopied street.
A determined crow sailed like knowledge
through the cool chute
and I stretched swiftly with him;
gleaming black knowledge
in my fluttering green shoulder,
pail skin sailing down the street.
The other crows mill about the corner yard
in their unassuming velvet.
Each one weighs the same as my heart
and minds his own business.

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Anonymous said...

omygoodness: this is beautiful.